Turismo Immigration & Tax Services
331 Maple Street
Perth Amboy New Jersey
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Community Services
Turismo Immigration & Tax Services is located in Perth Amboy NJ, 331 Maple Street.
There are many people new to the US. Getting around the local, state and national systems of government can be overwhelming.
No matter how you got here, you may not have the knowlege or know the English language well enough to fill out goverment forms.
Thats where we can help you understand the forms, so you can correctly apply for services for you and your family.
We are a local commuity service center, and we care.
We specialize in...
  • Immigration and Visa Applications.
  • Tax Services.
  • Notary Public.
  • Translation Services.
Nos especializamos pulg...
  • Inmigración y Visa Aplicaciones.
  • Servicios de Impuestos.
  • Notario Público.
  • Servicios de Traducción.
DNA Testing by The DNA Lady
A personal case manager will provide all the coordination needed between all parties, no matter where they reside. All DNA samples are handled, tested, and stored according to the AABB Standards for Parentage Testing to maximize the security of the samples, preventing loss, contamination, tampering, or substitution.
Our Services provide solutions for...
  • Family determinance of Paternity, Grand Paternity, Siblings, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.
  • Legal requirements for Immigration and Adoptions.
  • Relationship uncertainty with Infidelity.
  • Investigations requiring Forensics and Identification.
  • Personal use in Ancestry, Medical, DNA Banking, Health and Beauty.